It has recently come to my attention that emails intended for me as
Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk are sometimes not being forwarded to me by
our hosting service. This has happened before. So, once again, I am
posting my policy regarding how I deal with emails that request
changes/updates to the OP.

	 My policy is to reply to any email regarding the OP within 24 hours
of receipt. Usually, it is considerably less than 24 hours. Most of
the time, my reply will be that the request has been completed. This
is for fairly simple updates/corrections. Occasionally, I may give a
slightly longer time-frame for completing the requested changes. More
rarely, I may have to put a requested change on a "to do" list if we
are having current technical difficulties with our online forms.

	 If you email me at the OPClerk at Calontir dot org address and do
not receive an email back from me within 24 hours, feel free to send
an email directly to the address that is supposed to receive the
fowarded email in the first place. That address is socpsy at gmail dot

	 Please do not request an OP change on Facebook. It is too easy for
such requests to go unnoticed. I don't follow FB nearly as closely as
my email.

	 My goal is to provide quick, responsive service. Unfortunately, our
technology doesn't always work the way it is intended and it appears
that I am unresponsive. Rest assured that this is not the case.

 HL Eynon Llangenydd
 Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk

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