Greetings from the Lilies War Archery Marshal-in-Charge!  
On behalf of myself and my deputy, Lord Michael the Wanderer, I am
beginning the process of organizing all those things that happen
behind the scenes of the Lilies War archery/thrown weapons program. 

	 At this point, I can report that Mistress Lynette has agreed to
organize and run the annual 100 Arrows Shoot that has become such an
iconic part of Lilies archery. Thank you Mistress Lynette!! 

	 HL William Fletcher of Carbery and HL Juliana Macnayre have been
long-time organizers of children’s archery and thrown weapons,
Their service in these positions has been so valuable over many
This year, they would like to step away to provide the opportunity for
others to experience the satisfaction of running Children’s Archery
or the Thrown Weapons Range.  
So, if you would be interested in being considered to organize and run
Children’s Archery or Thrown Weapons, please email me at the
following address:  
[log in to unmask] [1].  
Please do not respond on Facebook or any list on which this request

	 As always, we will need a crew to arrive early to get the ranges
set up for all the eager missile weapons participants.  
We will also need folks to volunteer to run shoots or possibly teach
If you are interested in any of these activities feel free to email me
at the address above, however I will be making a more specific call
for these activities in the near future.  
So, for now, give these items some consideration. 

	 HL Eynon Llangenydd 

	2017 Lilies War Archery Marshal-in-Charge

[1] mailto:[log in to unmask]

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