The stewards of Kris Kinder have kindly agreed to provide space for a Group Loaner Armor Exchange.

Does your group have several sets of legs, but no body armor? Or maybe you are in need of gauntlets and have a plethora of helmets. In any case, bring your excess to Kris Kinder and trade with other groups to get everyone more complete loaner kits.

Please note: This is not a general swap and shop. This is an opportunity for SCA groups to trade stuff to make complete sets of loaner armor. However, if an individual fighter has armor in relatively good repair that they are willing to donate, then feel free to bring it. This is NOT an opportunity to dump off a bunch of crap for others to have to throw away.

So, group marshals, go through your stuff, repair it if needed, and bring your excess to Kris Kinder. You might find another group has just what you are short of.

-- Logan --
<<speaking as a fighter, not sovereign>>

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