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Held in the Shire March of Grimfells

10/21/2016 to 10/23/2016

Archery Marshal-in-Charge: Eynon Llangenydd – (Dave Johnson), 505 Katie Ln, Siloam Springs, AR 72761

The event was held at Ponderosa Trails Campground, Pineville, MO


Description of Shoots.

Blood of Heroes Shoot. The featured shoot was the Blood of Heroes Shoot held in the morning.  This was a team shoot and we were able to shoot 5 rounds.  Teams of 4 archers shot at targets related to the Blood of Heroes Game.

Michael the Wanderer’s Moving Target Shoot.  Once again, Michael agreed to bring his moving target to a Grimfell’s event.  This year’s target that I call Version 3.0 was particularly challenging and I believe everyone had a great time shooting at it.

Contiguous Numbers Shoot.  In this shoot, archers shot at targets that were divided up into sections where the smaller the section the greater the number of points. Archers were only allowed to score points when they hit target sections that direction bordered each other.

Open Circles Shoot.  In this shoot, I cut out the 5 different colors from a standard target and attached each color separately on the target butts.  Scoring occurred if the archer hit the color or hit within the circle of the color.

A total of 15 archers participated.  We had two archers from Gleann Abhann.

There were no injuries or incidents to report.  Scores for the shoots are found at the link below. It is a tabbed Excel file.


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