Hi Karen: 
You have raised an interesting question. 

I don't enter too many exhibits, just the few organizations that I support. So far, all of the venues for exhibits offer insurance while in the galleries, and in the traveling exhibits, too. 
There was one group who was negotiating for a deal on group insurance, but oddly enough there was not enough interest. I assume then, that these other folks have independent insurance. 

Talk about the fine print. I was going to join a regional organization, enter their exhibit, they were anxious to include me under the deadline. Then I read where in order to insure the painting while in their gallery, the artist had to sign over ownership in order to have the piece insured.  They said that it was so they could get the price down on insurance. He said "Oh, we never really consider that we own the artwork" Whaaa?  The contract says they DO...... so, Deal-Breaker. 

I've recently heard some disturbing tales about treatment of paintings while at the gallery during installation. So "reasonable care" is extremely vague, you are right. It seems chipped frames and scored plexi don't rate high on claims. It largely supports fire, theft or damage to the artwork.  

I've had several folks tell me to only use frames that can be touched up easily. hmmm.

Thanks for the thoughts, it is something we need to consider.

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On Oct 18, 2016, at 9:39 PM, Karen Ackoff wrote:

Iíve been entering a few exhibitions lately, and itís troubling to find that more and more galleries do not insure the work while it is in their possession. They want the right to use your images in their publicity materials, some require the work be for sale and of course they get a percentage of the sale price, and there is an entry fee. All of that is fineÖ and I am used to paying shipping/insurance there and back. But they donít insure it while it is in their possession.

My choice would be to get private insurance or not to submit. I did look into private insurance, but my homeownerís will only insure artwork up to $1000, and my work is priced higher than that. Iím sure I could pursue other insurance companies, and Iím sure it wouldnít be cheap. If I can submit a print, then insurance is less of an issue, but there is still the cost of the frame and museum/plexi (no glass as the work is shipped).

The galleries profit from the exhibition and take no responsibility other than ďreasonable careĒ (which is conveniently vague).

Iím surprised that this seems to be more and more common. Wondering what you have experienced, and what you think about this.


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