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I wanted to remind you of the upcoming October 10 deadline for applicants the Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids course. The OTS short field course Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids offered at a deep discount to OTS consortium students.  The course costs $2,100 per student, but OTS member tuition is just $1,400 per student after applying a $700 OTS scholarship.  The tuition fee includes all station fees, room and board during the two-week program.

Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids
Course dates:       January 3 - 17, 2017
Application deadline:   October 10, 2016 (followed by rolling admissions)

Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids is an intensive, two-week field course for up to 22 graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  This course will incorporate field-based observations, inquiry-based learning programs, hands-on experience, and interactive lectures to inform students of the basic natural history, structure, and function of all arachnid groups. Building upon this foundation, and in conjunction with knowledge gained through primary literature discussions and synthesis, students will develop their own research projects. Through fieldwork and laboratory analyses, this course will help students gain basic knowledge and direct experience in the following diverse fields as they pertain to arachnids: anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, evolution, phylogenetics and systematics.

Course Instructors:
Eileen Hebets, PhD - University of Nebraska
Jason Bond, PhD - Auburn University
Greta Binford, PhD - Lewis and Clark College
Ingi Agnarsson, PhD - University of Vermont

Invited Faculty:
Gilbert Barrantes, PhD and William Eberhard, PhD - University of Costa Rica

For more information, check out the course page on the OTS education website:<>

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