I just got around to reading Joshua Rothman's review of Nancy Rosenblum's Good Neighbors (thanks, Kari) and found his summary of Rosenblum's reading of My Antonia reductive and just plain wrong in some ways.  As Bob Thacker said, "we can do better!"  I was even more turned off by the comment on the "sentimentality" of neighborliness in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie, which I read as a complex portrayal of a white family's relations with Native American and white Indian-hating neighbors in a novel written for children. 

Even my beloved New Yorker (I've been a subscriber since 1965) gets it wrong sometimes--

All best,

Ann Romines

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Dear Bank Streeters,
A review of Rosenblum’s Good Neighbors includes (in the 10th paragraph) a brief summary of the Burden-Shimerda relationship in My Antonia, evidently drawn from Rosenblum’s book. Although I’m pleased to see Cather’s work used as an exemplar, I’m not sure I agree with this reading. What do you all think?
                Kari Ronning