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Submissions do not have to be on Lachmann, but can relate to themes from his work, from any analytical perspective. Themes could include, for example:



Capital theory

Critiques of equilibrium economics

The viability of macroeconomics

Market processes

Max Weber


Abstracts must be submitted by 30 November.

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 The legacy of Ludwig Lachmann

Interdisciplinary perspectives on institutions, agency and uncertainty

 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 11-13 April 2017


Ludwig M. Lachmann (1906-1990) was an outstanding social scientist whose achievements ranged across a number of disciplines, including economics, sociology, law and philosophy. Well known for his work on Max Weber, his analysis of the limitations of equilibrium economics, and his contributions to the development of Austrian economics, Lachmannís legacy revolves around three central themes: radical subjectivism, hermeneutics and human agency; market process and legal order; capital theory and macroeconomics.

To celebrate Lachmannís life and work, WINIR is holding a Symposium at his former university in South Africa. Submissions on any of the above topics, or any other topic related to Lachmannís research, are welcome. Papers can be supportive or critical of Lachmannís views. The Symposium will use Lachmannís work as a point of departure to generate a wide-ranging discussion of the relations between uncertainty, agency and institutions.

The Symposium will open on the afternoon of Tuesday 11 April and end in the afternoon of Thursday 13 April 2017.

Keynotes lectures will be given by:

Deirdre N. McCloskey (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Richard N. Langlois (University of Connecticut & University of the Witwatersrand)
Virgil H. Storr (George Mason University)

Abstract submissions (300 words max.) from any academic discipline, theoretical approach or methodology are welcome.

Submit an abstract here.

Submissions will be evaluated by the WINIR Scientific Quality Committee: Bas van Bavel (Utrecht University, history), Simon Deakin (University of Cambridge, law), Geoff Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, economics), Uskali Mški (University of Helsinki, philosophy), Katharina Pistor (Columbia University, law), Sven Steinmo (European University Institute, politics), Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck Institute Cologne, sociology), Linda Weiss (University of Sydney, politics).

Please note the following important dates:

30 Nov 2016
Abstract submission deadline

19 Dec 2016
Notification of acceptance

20 Dec 2016
Registration opens

1 Feb 2017
Early registration deadline

14 Mar 2017
Registration deadline for accepted authors

15 Mar 2017
Non-registered authors removed from programme

1 Apr 2017
Registration deadline for non-presenters

8 Apr 2017
Full paper submission deadline

We look forward to receiving your submission.

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