Don't stress accuracy too soon. It's too frustrating for beginners. 
Stress "exploratory marks" and that the eraser is just as much a tool as 
a pencil and that's you aren't erasing mistakes, you are erasing 
thoughts that aren't working. I have found that my beginner's tend to 
think that they are supposed to start and finish a drawing the first go 
round. I try to get them to start with gesture drawing so they can 
explore their subject with their whole arm, their whole body and not 
just their hand. That way the pressure is off to get things perfect the 
first go round. I have them do gesture drawing for a long time because I 
don't want them to "marry" their drawing too soon. It's easy to erase 
restated lines than a small perfect area that isn't correct. You show 
them how to have fun. Get silly. Really stress the fun of exploring and 
getting to know the large parts of their subject and gradually work up 
to the small stuff.

Those blind contour drawing also help them see. I tell them that their 
blind contour drawing will probably be the worst drawing they will ever 
do, but if they do it slowly, they will start to discover parts to their 
subject that they never noticed.

It's also helpful, on the tricky parts to a subject to have them just do 
that little piece separate from the rest so they can figure out how the 
heck to draw it. That removes some pressure as well and helps them learn 
to break their subject from the whole into bits.

Hope that helps!


Patricia Savage


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On 11/6/16 3:59 PM, Laurie Bebick wrote:
> I am teaching a  drawing class to adults who have little to no drawing experience. I am finding that many of them are struggling and are disheartened by how hard drawing is. Does anyone have advise on trying to keep their spirits-up? I have only taught 2 classes so far, one on value and how to measure proportions. I have 3 more to go.
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