There are some concerns about discussing current pricing in this forum, which we sponsor as a 301c(3) educational entity.

In general, it is OK to discuss prices actually charge more than 3 months in the past (not what you would charge today). But it would be better to keep it a little more theoretical by pointing to other online information or presenting the components that go into a pricing decision.

For example the discussion here about service fees for providing files, could be put as a "I charge a nominal fee to cover my time, usually about 20-30 min. of effort. You can see my policy here:"


On 11/9/16 12:57 PM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
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Like Lynette, I typically offer free use for such purposes as long as the person requesting the image can use the watermarked, low-res version they find at my website. If they need a high-res clean image, I charge $50 each. My policy is here:

Emily S. Damstra


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