Fair is making a living wage for yourself. And retaining reproduction rights, or providing them 
limited, non-exclusive reproduction rights, spelled out in a contract.

There has been much discussion here in the archives you can look up ("pricing"). Basically you need 
to figure out a yearly income you need to thrive as an artist. This includes all the insurance, 
retirement, and overhead for running a business. Once you have that number, divide by 1500hrs (the 
other 500 are overhead for promoting your business, and time off) to get an hourly rate. Then 
multiply by the number of hours you expect to make the pieces you want to sell tot he University.

Then cross compare what the big online stock houses would charge for use of an image, and add in a 
markup for selling the original art to them (50- 200% of the use price according to the GAG handbook.)

See if you can get these two numbers to align.


On 11/8/16 7:03 PM, Megan Mosier wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to set a price when selling artwork? I was 
> approached today by the dean of science at my school and asked if I would be willing to meet and 
> discuss doing some pieces for the science building. I've never really been sure how to price art 
> and I want to know a little more about it before I go and talk to him. Is there some sort of a 
> standard way of doing it? I want to make sure it's fair to both me and to him.
> Thanks,
> Megan Mosier

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