If you have some of these animals, maybe some reuse opportunities?


Mark Saunders ([log in to unmask])

Hi there My name is Mark Saunders. I'm the Visitor Engagement Manager at Auckland Zoo in New 
Zealand. Currently our interpretation department is working on material for a new Australian 
precinct and is looking to populate the new exhibit with engaging illustrations. it's a mix of 19th 
& 20th Century illustrations as well as modern ones. The quirkier or more action based the poses, 
the better in this case but that won't prevent us from displaying more traditional and scientific 
renditions. In particular we looking for existing illustrations of the Golden Bell Frog, Huntsman 
Spider, Rainbow Fish and Eastern Water Dragon. All are Australian animals but I figured you still 
might have artists that could have work worked on these or, if not, I was hoping you might point me 
in the right direction. Look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards Mark

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