Hi all.

Also, there are many of us who would love to have some guidance about pricing, as well as some concrete examples that others use.

If it's links to websites, or "old" prices, that still works- but I would always like to see how others navigate this part of the business.



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Nothing wrong with bringing up the question. You don't know where to look if you don ask.


On 11/9/16 8:59 PM, OC Carlisle wrote:
Thanks Britt, Will ask for guidance off list for this type of guidance. Best,

On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 5:37 PM, Britt Griswold <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
There are some concerns about discussing current pricing in this forum, which we sponsor as a 301c(3) educational entity.

In general, it is OK to discuss prices actually charge more than 3 months in the past (not what you would charge today). But it would be better to keep it a little more theoretical by pointing to other online information or presenting the components that go into a pricing decision.

For example the discussion here about service fees for providing files, could be put as a "I charge a nominal fee to cover my time, usually about 20-30 min. of effort. You can see my policy here:"


On 11/9/16 12:57 PM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
Like Lynette, I typically offer free use for such purposes as long as the person requesting the image can use the watermarked, low-res version they find at my website. If they need a high-res clean image, I charge $50 each. My policy is here:

Emily S. Damstra


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