Hi All:

While searching  the apple knowledgebase, I came across a recommended free software called WhatSize.

I was looking for advice on the best ways to clear up space on the hard drive. I was under 10% free space and my Mac became whackadoodle. 

I transferred about 400 GB of files to an external drive (photos) and it freed up that space. Then I found this thread that suggested WhatSize. It touted the ability to find HIDDEN FILES, which can happen if they are not efficiently trashed. The apple knowledgebase said it was easy to search and find. People said it solved their problem for evaluating space-hogs. 

I downloaded the free version for my older mac. I can't find how it locates hidden files. It is a limited version, only measuring up to 20G, and that's nothing. I have asked the WhatSize contact for the answer. It seems worth the $29 bucks for the full model, so I'm hoping they can explain, because I'm not seeing it.

I wondered if anyone else out there uses it?


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