Folks any of you ever seen an exclamation mark used in species entries like below? This was a request from a librarian at Yale University to one of our librarians.


Hi All, I am looking at 1897 species accounts in L’Abeille journal l’Entomologie out of Paris and seeing notation which I don’t understand. Perhaps this means something to someone out there in library land. Note: I’ve asked around here to no avail.

I’m seeing this mark over and over again (for example):

L. (id.) coreanus Tschitsch. , 1895.

Environs nord de Pekin (A. David! 1865); Monpin (id., 1870); province Schen-si (id., 1875), …


I am wondering what the ! means. Do you know? Sometimes it appears after a personal name and sometimes after a place name.


Thanks for any information,