The *SMT Work and Family Interest Group* is collecting information about
leave-taking practices and experiences.  If you have taken leave,
considered taking leave, or evaluated leave applications before, please
fill out this survey <>.  *To
minimize time required, all questions can be answered using checkboxes or
dropdown menus*.  I list the survey questions below for those who would
like to know what they are before starting the survey.  If you have any
questions or concerns about this survey, email clare.eng -at-
Survey link:

Survey questions:

1.       Describe your experiences with types of short-term leave.

2.       If you ever considered taking leave, but later chose not to, what
reasons motivated your decision?

3.       If you took leave, are you satisfied with your experiences?

4.       If you took parental leave, was it paid, unpaid or partially

5.       If you took parental leave, how long was it?

6.       If you took leave for a research grant or visiting appointment,
how long was your leave?

7.       Are you a member of SMT or AMS?

8.       What is your gender?

9.       What is your job title?

10.   If you don't mind follow-up contact, leave us your email address.


Clare Sher Ling Eng, Ph.D., LLB (Hons)

Associate Professor of Music Theory
Belmont University

College of Visual & Performing Arts
School of Music


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