SMT Psychoanalysis Interest Group, 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for
Music Theory.

Arlington Virginia, November 2-5, 2017.
CFP Deadline: 30 Dec 2016

*What does music theory want? *

 The relation between musical hermeneutics and music theory is longstanding
but not harmonious, shadowed by rivalries, disavowals, and breaks. There is
no interpretation without desire, and no desire without subjects. Perhaps
theory’s historical and recurring breaks with interpretation are also
breaks with—or repressions of—the subject. We wish to explore these
relationships from the perspective of psychoanalysis.

 Most fundamentally, we want to ask: what does music theory want?
Psychoanalysis was from the start a hermeneutic practice and also a “science
of desire,” an attempt to understand the foundations, and the limits, of
any hermeneutic endeavor. We welcome proposals that will help bring
psychoanalytic thought and practice to bear on our professional lives as
thinkers about music—which is to say, as practitioners *and *skeptics of

 We invite papers that explore the question of hermeneutic purchase across
a wide range of themes including but not limited to:

 -       Form and analysis

-       Musical meaning

-       Materiality and acoustics

-       Feminist and queer music theory

-       Hermeneutics in film

 We might provide as a paradigm for the panel one of Freud’s axioms:
Analyze your dreams, or they will analyze you.

Please send abstracts of approximately 500 words to Clara.Latham -at- and David.Schwarz -at- by December 30.


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