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Costantino Maeder and Mark Reybrouck, eds., Sémiotique et vécu musical: Du sens à l’expérience, de l’expérience au sens
Leuven University Press, 2016. 196 pp. €49.50. ISBN: 9789462700802. 

Robert Riggs, ed., The Violin
University of Rochester Press, 2016. 326 pp. $39.95. ISBN: 9781580465069. 

Richard Semmens, Studies in the English Pantomime, 1712-1733
Pendragon Press, 2016. 207 pp. $48. ISBN: 9781576472774. 

Lisa Scoggin, The Music of Animaniacs: Postmodern Nostalgia in a Cartoon World
Pendragon, 2016. 270 pp. $42. ISBN: 9781576472422. 

Charles Hersch, Jews and Jazz: Improvising Ethnicity
Routledge, 2016. 210 pp. $140/$44.95. ISBN: 9781138195790. 

R. Baroncini et al., eds., Giovanni Gabrieli.Transmission and Reception of a Venetian Musical Tradition
Brepols, 2016. 271 pp. €100. ISBN: 9782503570273. 

Matthew Riley and Anthony D. Smith, Nation as Classical Music
Boydell and Brewer, 2016. 256 pp. $45. ISBN: 9781783271429.

Fritz Trumpi, The Political Orchestra: The Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics During the Third Reich
Transl. Kenneth Kronenberg. University of Chicago Press, 2016. 344 pp. $50. ISBN: 9780226251394. 

Erik Hojsgaard, Rhythm: Advanced Studies
Aarhus University Press, 2016. 236 pp. $65. ISBN: 9788771841169.

Philip Lambert, Good Vibrations: Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in Critical Perspective
University of Michigan Press, 2016. 302 pp. $80. ISBN: 9780472119950. 

Reba Wissner, We Will Control All That You Hear: The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination
Pendragon, 2016. 240 pp. $38. ISBN: 9781576472538. 

Gordon McMullan and Sam Smiles, eds., Late Style and its Discontents: Essays in Art, Literature, and Music
Oxford University Press, 2016. 250 pp. $90. ISBN: 9780198704621. 

Jonas Westover, The Shuberts and Their Passing Shows: The Untold Tale of Ziegfeld's Rivals
Oxford University Press, 2016. 320 pp. $39.95. ISBN: 9780190219239. 

Brad Osborn, Everything in its Right Place: Analyzing Radiohead
Oxford University Press, 2016. 248 pp. $98. ISBN: 9780190629229. 

Gary E. McPherson, Musical Prodigies: Interpretations from Psychology, Education, Musicology, and Ethnomusicology
Oxford University Press, 2016. 704 pp. $98.50. ISBN: 9780199685851. 

Luisa Nardini, Interlacing Traditions: Neo-Gregorian Chant in Beneventan Manuscripts
Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2016. 460 pp. $100. ISBN: 9780888442055.. 

Etienne Jardin, ed., Music and War in Europe from the French Revolution to WWI
Brepols, 2016. 479 pp. €110. ISBN: 9782503570327. 

Johnny Reinhard, Bach and Tuning
Peter Lang, 2016. 297 pp. $67.95. ISBN: 9783631672051. 

Walter Zev Feldman, Klezmer: Music, History, and Memory
Oxford University Press, 2016. 440 pp. $74. ISBN: 9780190244514. 

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