Early Music, Vol. 44, No. 3 August 2016


Helen Deeming, Alan Howard, and Stephen Rose

The Romance of Alexander
Jeremy Montagu

Biblical commentary in the Old Hispanic liturgy: a Passiontide case study
Emma Hornby and Rebecca Maloy

Roman claviorgans and ‘table organs with a spinetta on top’, 1567–1753
Patrizio Barbieri

Thoughts on Marais’s second thoughts
Ronald Broude and Mary Cyr

Muted violins from Lully to Haydn
Deirdre Loughridge

Printing, politics and ‘a well-regulated church music’: a new perspective on J. S. Bach’s Mühlhausen cantatas
Markus Rathey

Roger Long’s gut-strung keyboard instruments and Thomas Barton’s harpsichord stringing
David Rowland


National saints
Sean Dunnahoe

Centres and peripheries of 15th-century music
Tim Shephard

Instrumentalists and musical life at the Weimar court
Barbara M. Reul

The giant Handel edifice
Ruth Smith

Novel music
Thomas McGeary

Beethoven’s symphonies reintroduced
Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald


Singing the 13th century
Jeremy Llewellyn

French fancies from the Renaissance and early Baroque
Alex Robinson

Racconto di due città
Benjamin Katz

Italian Baroque opera
Vassilis Vavoulis

Songs and arias
Ivan Moody


The wedding of the century, Munich 1568
Jaap van Benthem

Musicians, publishers and pirates of the mid-Baroque
Stephan Schönlau

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