Call for Papers
*SysMus* *enters its 10**th* *year!*
Come celebrate with us in London! SysMus17 is coming *September 13th-15th
2017* and will be hosted by the Music Cognition Lab
<> at *Queen Mary, University of
London.* SysMus is the International Conference of Students of Systematic

We invite presentations in the form of live spoken papers, virtual spoken
papers and poster presentations.

Abstracts should be no more than 150 words (short) or 300 words (extended)
in length, be written in English, and address one of the conference topics
listed below. All submissions will be considered for both spoken paper
(live or virtual) and poster presentation categories. However, the author
can indicate a preference for either spoken (live or virtual) or poster
presentation in the submission form. All abstracts will be submitted via an
online system (see website). Submissions are due *February 28th, 2017*.

Researchers should avoid referring to their own names within the submitted
abstracts, as acceptance will be determined by anonymous peer review.
Researchers may submit only one abstract.

*All accepted presenters are invited to submit a 4-6-page proceedings
article that will be published online. The deadline for submitting this
proceedings article is June 30**th**, 2017.                      *

SysMus is dedicated to including a broad range of topics within its
conferences, representative of the great diversity within systematic
musicological study. Submissions addressing any of the following subjects
are particularly welcome:

·         Systematic musicology
·         Music perception
·         Music cognition
·         Music psychology
·         Music therapy
·         Music modelling
·         Music information retrieval
·         Music sociology
·         Music education
·         Music technology
·         Music and culture
·         Musical acoustics
·         Music philosophy
·         Music theory and analysis

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