EMC2 - Remembering the Experimental Music Catalogue, De Montfort University 24-26th March 2017

The Experimental Music Catalogue (EMC) is a unique publication project, founded by the composer Christopher Hobbs in 1968 and shortly thereafter joined by Gavin Bryars and Michael Nyman, to disseminate experimental music (which used indeterminate, Cagean processes, often presented in text or graphic notation) and minimalism. Many of these works were “for all”, requiring performers to be interested and diligent, but not requiring an ability to read common-practice music notation. As a publisher, the EMC was unusual in that all composers kept copyright of their work, and was part of a larger wave in independent published collections (in the US, Soundings and SOURCE magazines, Dick Higgins’ “something else press”; in the UK, Contact magazine).

In conjunction with De Montfort University, the University of Leicester and Contemporary Music for All (CoMA) East Midlands, we invite paper proposals on the topic of the Experimental Music Catalogue and related artistic practices as part of the Arts Council funded festival of practice and analysis, EMC2. Conference attendees can attend in one of two modes: as conference participants only (talks, plenaries (for both speakers and players) and concert attendance represent an enjoyable package of events) or as speakers and players, participating in the all-comers’ rehearsal events on Saturday and the concert on Sunday afternoon.

For information on submissions and a downloadable CfP, see the EMC blog at http://experimentalmusic.co.uk/wp/call-for-papers-and-participation-emc2-festival-and-conference/ or the EMC Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/emcsystems/ .The deadline is January 16th 2016. Proposers will hear back in late January. Send your proposal to Virginia Anderson, emcsystems -at- me.com and Anna Claydon, coma.east.midlands -at- gmail.com .

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