The Italian Association for Research in Dance (AIRDanza,, in collaboration with the Pietà de’ Turchini/Centro di Musica Antica Foundation, is organizing the International Conference:


Dance and Ballet in Naples: a Dialogue with Europe (1806-1861)


The aim of the conference which will take place in Naples from 9 through 11 November, 2017, is to reconstruct the role played by dance in Naples within the Italian and European dance culture.

Paper proposals can deal with the following topics: 


-          Dancing as a performing art and as a profession;

-          Court or public theatres;

-          Social/popular dances;

-          Dance education as offered by the Ballet School of the Teatro di San Carlo;

-          The transformation of ballet typologies and changes in aesthetics, taste, entertainment, and the fashion of the age;

-          Ballet subjects and librettos: their contamination and migration between various performance fields (ballet, opera, drama);

-          Specific developments of Romantic dance subjects and styles;

-          Circulation of dancers and choreographers between Naples and Europe, wit special reference to Naples, Milan, Paris and Vienna;

-          The impresarios’ management  and its strategies;

-          Stage and costume design for ballet;

-          Music publishing.


The conference languages are: Italian, French, and English


Contributions may consist in individual papers, panels, performances, and workshops.


Abstracts may be submitted in one of the conference languages. They should not exceed  1500 characters, including archival and/or bibliographic reference sources related to the theme proposed., and a short CV (max. 800 characters).

Papers must be submitted to info -at- by 31 March, 2017.


The organizers will communicate the names of the final panellists by 30 April 2017.


The conference proceedings will be published by the Pietà de’ Turchini/Centro di Musica Antica Foundation.


Scientific Committee: Roberta Albano, Rosa Cafiero, Elena Cervellati, Arianna Fabbricatore, Francesca Falcone, Paologiovanni Maione, José Sasportes, Francesca Seller.


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