[quote] How many A and S tentsĀ  or shade flies do we use at Lilies? Would it be feasible for different groups to provide one tent or shade fly each? Making it group property would head off any issues of "that's my tent and I won't let X use it/be done there.  Thoughts? [/quote]

Perhaps we could split the difference and encourage/support groups holding classes in their private tents or encampments?  "That's my tent and I won't let X use it/be done there" seems entirely reasonable, if scheduler-intensive.  Unless I'm misremembering, this is already the case with some groups and classes, such as with the Company of Travelers, or for certain brewing/cheese-making/Middle Eastern classes.

And I know the Bardic College of Calontir has been trying to get "bardic-related" classes scheduled in our tent, but we haven't had many take us up on it.  I've heard from one teacher the worry that folks wouldn't be willing to go to a class that isn't "where all the others are scheduled," but if we could get classes/students to the bardic living room, there are some that would benefit.  For instance, I took a class this past Lilies on the Guidonian Hand, and the teacher couldn't sing her examples because she was in the tent next to ball practice.  (I suspect that was a scheduling miscommunication, but the concept holds.)

I'd like to hear from some of the groups/classes that are currently holding classes elsewhere: can we compare the attendance numbers to a class in the traditional A&S area?  If it's poor, would there be an effective way to redirect potential students to such non-traditional places so that eliminating a rented class-tent might be a possibility?  I think there would be more groups willing to host classes if they could do so without Gerald-ly/Guillome-ly camping at the edge of the A&S meadow.


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