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The Armorial has been updated to reflect the items in this LOAR.


In Service,

Gunnar Thorisson

Vert Hawk Herald


*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#136> Alric upplendingr. Name and device. Argent, a boar rampant gules and on a chief embattled sable two crosses of four lozenges argent.

This name combines an Old English given name with an Old Norse byname. This lingual mix is permitted under Appendix C as long as both elements are dated prior to 1100 C.E.

An entirely Old Norse form of the same name is Alrekr upplendingr. If the submitter is interested in this form, he should submit a request for reconsideration.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#137> Cuthbert Longschankes. Badge. (Fieldless) On a nesselblatt per pale azure and Or, a Celtic cross argent.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#138> Freygeršr Įgeirsdóttir. Name.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#139> Hirakawa Saburou Kagetora. Device. Per pale sable and Or, two roundels and three wolf's teeth inverted issuant from dexter and three wolf's teeth inverted issuant from sinister counterchanged argent and sable.

There is a step from period practice for the use of inverted wolf's teeth [Michael von Guttin, 12/06 Atenveldt-R].

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#140> Joan Mysseden. Name.

Nice 16th century English name!

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#141> Konstantia Kaloethina. Heraldic title Greek Fire Herald.

This title is based on the lingua Anglica form of the attested Feu Gregoiz Pursuivant, dated to 1435.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#142> Owain the Younger. Name and device. Per chevron Or and sable, two sheaves of arrows inverted and a hunting horn counterchanged.

The spelling Owain was not documented in the Letter of Intent. During commentary, Siren found this spelling in British Records of the Wardrobe and Household, 1286-1289 (

The byname the younger is found in the Oxford English Dictionary, dated to the 15th century.

Please advise the submitter to draw the per chevron line of division steeper or higher on the field.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#143> Ųyrķkr Rašślfsson. Name.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#144> Rhiannon of Anglesey. Name change from Rhiannon of Crystal Mynes.

The given name Rhiannon is grandfathered to the submitter.

The submitter's old name, Rhiannon of Crystal Mynes, is released.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#145> Rosalie Langmod. Name and device. Or, on a chevron between three roses purpure barbed and seeded proper three Latin crosses bottony palewise Or.

This name combines an early 17th century French rendering of an Italian saint's name with a Middle English byname dated circa 1400. This lingual mix is acceptable under Appendix C of SENA.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#146> Skapti eldbošungr. Name.

*<file:///E:/Armorial/Sept16LOAR/16-09lar.html#147> Thomas Wunderer von Leipzig. Name.

The submitted spelling of the byname was not documented. Fortunately for the submitter, Metron Ariston was able to document the spelling Leipzig after the close of commentary.

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