Ahem, <taking off my Seneschal (Gnome) hat>

A quick personal comment on the discussions going on. Please understand that the Lilies committee has all the numbers on porta potties, tents, and all the big ticket items. They will be happy to discuss these at any of the committee meetings. I know that much thought is being given by them to what tents we need, how many porta potties we need for health reasons, and many of the other subjects I've seen discussed. I appreciate everyone discussing these things.


I think as Peers, Lords and Ladies, Populus, Members, Friends, and Family of this Great Kingdom, we should be thinking of how to bring our friends back to Lilies. What is keeping them away? Can we fix that? Is there room in your car when you travel to the site for one more? Groups, can you sponsor one or more of your people who would not be able to make it otherwise? Is there gear that can be loaned, donated, or sold cheaply to those that don't have it? May be a group session to help build it? I know my first Lilies, Lonely Tower got together and built a bunch of stuff (beds, etc). It is one of my fonder memories, and I got stuff for camping at Lilies.

Talk with your friends about why they don't want to come. I've seen a few threads on FB, but honestly (again this is Just Brendan(tm)'s personal opinion) I think this is the conversation we should be having.

If we get the numbers back up, I think the budget will fix itself (with a lot of help from our talented Lilies Committee).

Back to your regularly scheduled, friendly Seneschal.


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So this is not to put gasoline on a fire or to cause disruption but is related to the question of Lilies and the Lilies Committee meeting at 12th Night. (See the Kingdom Seneschal's original post below)

On a few different posts on FB, one of which is by the Kingdom Seneschal, an idea to help the Lilies Committee save some money is to reduce the number of tent rentals. The goal of this post is to put in one place what individuals, guilds, groups, and/or Baronies would be willing to loan for the war or make a tent/shade fly to replace the rented tents on the battlefields, archery line, A&S area, and other locations so that it could be reported to the Lilies Committee at 12th Night. 

I'd like this post to not debate the merits of keeping or removing the rental tents. But rather gathering information to present to the Lilies Committee so that should they decide to reduce the number or rental tents they have an idea of what replacements could/would be in the works. A suggestion to reduce the number of A&S class tents by using parts of the Grand Pavillion for class spaces has been made. The pros and cons of that are already in my notes. If a discussion of the merits or other suggestions to help the Lilies budget reduce costs or raise funds is desired, please start a new post. And in all cases please email Brendan ([log in to unmask]) and/or the Lilies Committee (contact page, http://www.calontir.org/lilieswar/) if you can't attend the Lilies Meeting at 12th Night.

Lilies War Committee Members; Position Name Contact Information; All changes must be reported to the appropriate superior officer. (Please be courteous and refrain ...

Thank You 


PS: The Kingdom Seneschal's post to bring up to speed the listserv. If you have other suggestions to help, please start a new post to keep the different suggestions separate. 


To the People of our Great Kingdom of Calontir.

Rumors have started, and I would like to posts some facts.

The number one fact I'd like everyone to know is, no one is trying to kill Lilies. The Kingdom has identified a problem. We do not have the money to conduct Lilies as we have the last few years. I want to stress that this is not about this year's Lilies, as much as it is about future Lilies. We are concerned that if we do not get a handle on the situation, we may not have a 2018 or 2019 Lilies.

So, The Crown, Their Highnesses, myself, and our Exchequer have had discussions about what we think we should do. We have sought the advice of those who have done the job of running Lilies. This is the job you ask us to do. Not to take over and dictate, but to solve problems so we can all enjoy our hobby. We are putting together numbers and suggestions to bring to the committee at Twelfth Night. We have had discussions about what the problems are so we can speak about them and put them before the committee and at some point before the entire Kingdom for your suggestions.

Since the discussions are running rampant without sufficient information, let me state some of the things we know.

Lilies attendance has been falling for several years. This is not a one or two time occurrence, but a steady drop over years. If this trend continues, we cannot continue to support an event this size.

The Lilies fund does not have enough money in it to cover the expenses we know we will have this year.

Those expenses will not lessen over time. These are service costs that will continue to increase, as does any cost. So if we cannot afford this this year, how will we be able to afford them next year or the following?

We are looking for ways to bring the cost down. Please, before you decide that you cannot give up something your feel is sacred, understand the problem and make a workable suggestion. Be prepared to document your solution. Just saying "that's going to kill Lilies" does not help us.

The committee meeting at Twelfth Night is open. But if you are coming for a fight, we will not get any real work done. If you feel you can add to the conversation, please come. If you simply want to add your suggestions, feel free to contact me or the Lilies Chair. If you want to rant, let me know and I'll set aside some time to listen to you, but be prepared for me to rant back (and leave the Lilies Chair and the rest of the committee alone).

Contact me if you have any questions.

In service,


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