At closing court of Lilies 2015, Master Rhodri announced attendance of 1056, ten below Calontir'smagic number. 


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  I believe year before last was a bit over 1100, Last year I understand it was considerably lower, partly because many of us went to 50 year and could not do both, and also it was a year with record high temperatures and many decided they could not deal with the temperatures, still like many events around the SCA attendance has dropped for whatever reason and the Lillies Committee is asking our input on how best to cope with it. We all thank them for being open about the situation and asking our input.

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Lonely Tower is a Barony in Calontir, here is their website As for the history of it there are more knowledgeable folks on that. I don't have the exact numbers but the attendance high for Lilies was around 1800 in 2007? and have lost 75 folks per year on average. A large part of 2016's attendance loss though was due to 50th yr but some of it I'm sure was still part of that downward decline. Others would be able to give better year by year attendance numbers.


The Barony of Lonely Tower is pleased to announce that our Twelfth Night Celebration for 2017 is happening on January the 7th, starting at 9am.

The Barony of Lonely Tower is pleased to announce that our Twelfth Night Celebration for 2017 is happening on January the 7th, starting at 9am.

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Subject: [CALONTIR] Historical questions about Lillies.
I’m an outsider to your kingdom and have had the fortune to only get to one Lillies. I enjoyed it, although I found it rather hot. Unfortunately, until I get another kidney, I’m not likely to be able make another.

Anyway, Brendan’s comments raised a couple of questions for me, not having to do with the current subject of tents.

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>  I know my first Lilies, Lonely Tower got together and built a bunch of stuff (beds, etc). It is one of my fonder memories, and I got stuff for camping at Lilies.

What is/was Lonely Tower? History? any stories?

> If we get the numbers back up, I think the budget will fix itself (with a lot of help from our talented Lilies Committee).

What have the numbers been? I take it, that the trend has been downwards recently. I think this has been true for Pennsic and Gulf Wars also, but neither do I have the numbers for those either.

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