Now that is an interesting idea...If we send out invitations to our neighboring kingdoms billing it as something like " To enter negotiations with, and test the metal of, our potential Allies" our Neighbors might be more likely to represent themselves as a kingdom instead of just visiting individuals'  And we would still maintain the "Friendly War'" theme we have established. That could have a significant impact on the size of the war, and if we set aside encampment areas for different kingdoms even more so I would think, all of a sudden kingdoms would be doing a muster and counting heads to see how much space to ask for.

Alan Berylson

On Sun, Dec 25, 2016 at 9:13 AM, Ted Eisenstein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
If you can get the Crown or Heirs, you've got something.
Way back when, Three Rivers' baronial birthday bash was a
good smallish event, relaxed and all that...right up to
the point when the king (William/Humpk) wanted to negotiate
which side we'd fight on at Pennsic, and invited the Crown
of [I forget which kingdom) to visit for a talk. The Crown
showed up with (near as I, a newby, could tell) the
entire Court - retainers, heralds, a seneschal or two,
local (well, to him) barons and baronesses, the Heirs,
the whole nine yards. It was, essentiallly, a State Visit.

The autocrat found herself in charge of an event that had
suddenly doubled in size, including the feast. How she
pulled it off I do not know, but the visiting Crown did
decide to fight with Calontir.


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