Our limitation on going usually depends on our kids.

As they get older there are more and more demands of time.

Our high school offers a summer session in June to allow students to knock out electives and basic core classes.

If there is a class they can get out of way to open up another option in the regular year they take it.

There is also softball and summer sports conditioning.

Then comes the summer jobs

So it simply boils down to if there is enough available time to make the trip worthwhile.

This past year I had to drive back to Carthage 3 different times for other commitments.

Gunnar Thorisson


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Subject: Re: [CALONTIR] Historical questions about Lillies.

I sometimes wonder if the attendance dip is just the trough of a wave that will soon even itself out.

We're experiencing a period when many older members are either dropping out of the SCA or at the very least, skipping camping events because it's too hard on them. There's also a group of people with chronic illnesses who are getting to a point where camping for a week in June isn't really something their doctors ordered. Finally, we have a new batch of parents with very young children and, when temperatures are at record highs, that group of people (as well as the previously mentioned groups) is going to be inclined to stay home.

GŁnther and I have been discussing Lilies lately and the quandary we have in deciding whether or not to go centers around our toddler. Yes, we can keep him hydrated, in shade, and duck tape ice packs to his back (just joking), but there comes a point when we have to question, as parents, if the means we have to go to to keep our son from being too uncomfortable are worth putting him through such discomfort in the first place. You know, last year, Himself and I stayed home because GŁnther and I couldn't, in good conscience, take him out to site.

And the fact is, the Lilies Committee cannot control the weather, no matter how many times they sing Loki's song.

I think though, we'll start to climb out of the attendance depression as we start gaining new members and as the young children currently keeping themselves and their parents at home get bigger and are able to attend without too much fuss.

In regard to what Master Andrixos pointed out concerning using Pennsic troops as a lure to foreign kings to come visit... I've always felt that it would have a strong sense of continuity and even majesty for the sitting crown to declare it is their time to revel in the glory of their reign and see to the planting, the prince must show his mettle by preparing and mustering the army should there be war in the future.

Just my thoughts and experiences.

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Keep in mind the calendar issues.
Lilies is about 5-6 weeks before Pennsic.
Most alliances have been made 6-8 months beforehand.
Lilies is the last major event of our outgoing Crown, and after a fashion the "climax" of their reign.
It is a minor faux pas as Prince to make Lilies too much about yourself, and the plans for your reign.
The typical size of the Calontir Pennsic army nowadays is 35-40.  That is the size of a medium to large household.  Yes, we perform better than our numbers in certain situations, but it is not worth the time and investment of a foreign king to come to Lilies just to acquire troops, unless we up our Pennsic numbers.

Also kingdom law specifically prohibits a Lilies War scenario of "Calontir vs. X"


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  Now that is an interesting idea...If we send out invitations to our neighboring kingdoms billing it as something like " To enter negotiations with, and test the metal of, our potential Allies" our Neighbors might be more likely to represent themselves as a kingdom instead of just visiting individuals'  And we would still maintain the "Friendly War'" theme we have established. That could have a significant impact on the size of the war, and if we set aside encampment areas for different kingdoms even more so I would think, all of a sudden kingdoms would be doing a muster and counting heads to see how much space to ask for.

Alan Berylson

On Sun, Dec 25, 2016 at 9:13 AM, Ted Eisenstein <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
If you can get the Crown or Heirs, you've got something.
Way back when, Three Rivers' baronial birthday bash was a
good smallish event, relaxed and all that...right up to
the point when the king (William/Humpk) wanted to negotiate
which side we'd fight on at Pennsic, and invited the Crown
of [I forget which kingdom) to visit for a talk. The Crown
showed up with (near as I, a newby, could tell) the
entire Court - retainers, heralds, a seneschal or two,
local (well, to him) barons and baronesses, the Heirs,
the whole nine yards. It was, essentiallly, a State Visit.

The autocrat found herself in charge of an event that had
suddenly doubled in size, including the feast. How she
pulled it off I do not know, but the visiting Crown did
decide to fight with Calontir.


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