> But then I may be unusual in that I spend a lot of my time at big SCA
events in classes.

I'm not entirely joking when I ask: what else would one do during the day?
But seriously, Lilies is the only war I'd suggest considering trying to
replace one or two of the A&S tents.  It's been two years since I've been
to a foreign war, but it's been my impression that classes there tend to
be a bit cramped, time-wise.  A class is one hour (or occasionally two) but
you'd better be out right away because the next class can't start until you
clear out.  A focus on quantity.
This year at Lilies, I spent more than an hour at the hands-on fire safety
class (die flames, die!  Fear my sodium bicarbonate!), two or three hours
dropping in and out of a paper marbling workshop, and several hours most
days on the same woodworking project.

Not wanting to intrude on campsites is definitely a legitimate concern, as
is difficulty finding camp locations (I once spent an hour tromping through
boot-sucking Estrella mud looking for the Crystal Flute competition.)  If
the idea of reducing A&S tents were to be workable at all, it would require
some serious work implementing logistics such as
scheduling, camp/location-signs, and publicity.  (And notifying the A&S
Info-table of class cancellations would need to be made a priority rather
than the current hit-or-miss.)
I really don't know whether it would save enough money to be worth it,
since I don't know how much difference one or two tents would make in
rental costs.  But if there is indeed a large cost difference, it's worth


On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 1:11 AM, Stefan li Rous <[log in to unmask]>

> I would agree with most of what Lucinda has to say, although I’m less shy
> about wandering into a camp and asking if I’m in the right place. But often
> a class is cancelled or a class is too full. In that case, if the classes
> are close together, I can chose another class to attend. If they are spread
> around in different camps, that is difficult to do.
> Also, I often attend several classes in a row, one after the other. It can
> sometimes be difficult to get out of one class, especially if it is running
> late, and get to the next class before it starts or the tent is full. Even
> when all classes are grouped together. Much more difficult when they are
> spread around to different camps.
> The time I can see for holding a class in a camp is when special tools or
> setup is needed, such as some cooking classes or a blacksmithing class etc.
> But then I may be unusual in that I spend a lot of my time at big SCA
> events in classes. Sometimes teaching, but more often as a student. Like
> the Florilegium, my interests are wide-ranging. :-)
> Stefan
> > I would miss the A&S tents.  I feel awkward wandering into someone's camp
> > looking for classes.  I don't really know many people outside of my tiny
> > group.  I have ended up in wrong camps looking for classes in the past.
> > What if that camp doesn't make it to Lilies at the last minute and
> > cancels, there I am wandering around trying to find them.  At least
> > sometimes the A&S tents know of the cancellations.  Also the classes are
> > closer together to go back and forth between them.
> > Just my thoughts
> > -Lucinda
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