I don’t think “close together” means that the tents, or all of them, have to be right next to one another. Even a couple of hundred feet apart works. I do agree that some loud classes should not be right next to others. 

And yes, shade flies often work for many classes, such as the bardic ones. Have some chairs is often nice, even then.  If it is a talk, and not a hands-on class you may not need the larger tent.

Ingibiorg did bring up a good point on class lengths. There has been an increasing effort at Gulf Wars, to have a series of ongoing demo areas, where a particular activity, such as blacksmithing, or food or textile arts are going on throughout the day. These tend to be a separate area from the class area. These are set up more for people to drop in for a while, rather than having set class times. These do lend themselves to being more spread out.


On Dec 28, 2016, at 10:08 AM, Lady Rosalie Langmod <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I agree with the Honorable Lady Ingiborg that asking groups if they'd be willing to sponsor shade flies should be worth considering and I know some groups that would be thrilled at the prospect. 

However, I have to agree that having classes too spread out would be a pain. Lilies is a rather sprawling site as it is and trudging all over it to get to classes would be difficult... Especially as hot as Lilies can be. Also, logistically, it's simpler to have a central location in the event of cancellation, etc. 

I had someone singing in the tent next to mine while I was teaching a clothing class at the Carlsby RUSH. It didn't bend me out of shape, but as a singer I probably have more tolerance than others. Maybe the bardic champion could coordinate with the class scheduler to try to insure the bardic classes are held in shade flies on the edge of the teaching area to allow for less disturbance... For bardic classes, it seems natural to me that they would be in the bardic living room because that's where the bards hang out, yet the sonnet class I taught there had one attendee who was standing nearby and took my class out of pity...

And then Countess Fiona showed up and sweetly asked if she'd missed the sonnet class. :) 


PS: Singers holding classes next to mine: as long as I can hear myself talk and be heard by my students, I enjoy ambience.  :) 
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I would agree with most of what Lucinda has to say, although I’m less shy about wandering into a camp and asking if I’m in the right place. But often a class is cancelled or a class is too full. In that case, if the classes are close together, I can chose another class to attend. If they are spread around in different camps, that is difficult to do. 

Also, I often attend several classes in a row, one after the other. It can sometimes be difficult to get out of one class, especially if it is running late, and get to the next class before it starts or the tent is full. Even when all classes are grouped together. Much more difficult when they are spread around to different camps.

The time I can see for holding a class in a camp is when special tools or setup is needed, such as some cooking classes or a blacksmithing class etc.

But then I may be unusual in that I spend a lot of my time at big SCA events in classes. Sometimes teaching, but more often as a student. Like the Florilegium, my interests are wide-ranging. :-)


> I would miss the A&S tents.  I feel awkward wandering into someone's camp
> looking for classes.  I don't really know many people outside of my tiny
> group.  I have ended up in wrong camps looking for classes in the past. 
> What if that camp doesn't make it to Lilies at the last minute and
> cancels, there I am wandering around trying to find them.  At least
> sometimes the A&S tents know of the cancellations.  Also the classes are
> closer together to go back and forth between them.
> Just my thoughts
> -Lucinda

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