Hi Laurie,
If you like "Rising Moon" and want to keep it, I see no reason not to. In
my opinion, the name of a business can be very important, but less so if
one is a sole proprietor.

If you want people to connect your name to the Rising Moon name, then you
can make sure your name is included in the page title alongside Rising Moon
(so the search results would be something like "Rising Moon Design Studio -
illustration by Laurie Bebick" or whatever you want). That way, folks would
find you whether they're looking for Rising Moon OR Laurie Bebick.

If you like Rising Moon but aren't sure about the "Design" part, perhaps
consider simply "Rising Moon Studio" or maybe include the word "Creative."

Just some suggestions!

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On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Laurie Bebick <[log in to unmask]>

> As the new year approaches, I am reevaluating my art business. One thought
> is changing the name of my company from Rising Moon Design Studio to my
> name.  My company name has gone through a couple iterations, it was
> originally Konza Graphics, but I though that sounded too much like a
> graphic design or sign making company. I then changed it to Rising Moon
> Fine Art Studio (Rising Moon Art Studio was already taken), but decided
> that might put a lot of people off and my style is more illustrative then
> fine art.  I have settled on the current Rising Moon Design studio, but am
> concerned that it sounds like an interior design studio rather than an art
> studio. However, if you google rising moon my site is number one. I see
> that many of you use your name as your business name.  What are people's
> thoughts on using your name vs a made up name?  Does all my fussing about
> the name mean nothing since most sites are found by key words and not
> necessarily the title of the site.
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