I use a LaCie external drive for my backups. I'm also backing up on 
thumb drives which I have always done. I don't want to use iCloud.

I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5. This recent upgrade messed up the ability 
to eject the LaCie. Online advice was to shut down the computer (MacPro) 
and once turned on again it could be ejected. Result: sometimes but not 
always. I know it is hard on the drive to just shut it off while 
actively engaged. Techs I consulted said it is a problem (not 
particularly helpful). My cynical self says it is another ploy to get 
everyone using iCloud.

The real question - does anyone use an external drive using my OS X 
version that they could recommend?

You can me answer off line.

Kris Kirkeby

PS I don't speak 'computer'.

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