Hi, Linda,

I am still using Microsoft Office 2008 on my relatively new-ish iMac, 
with no issues (one of these days I might upgrade to the latest Office 
programsbut, if it ain't broke...).I also use Pages, Numbers and 
Keynote; I have found that the transition from the Microsoft programs to 
the Apple ones is fairly seamless, although I am still not totally used 
to using Pages or Numbers. They work well, just somewhat differently, 
and I haven't yet done enough on either of these Apple suite programs to 
get all the nuances. I absolutely love Keynote, probably because I 
almost never used PowerPoint and basically started with Keynote. But any 
PPT files I've come across have translated directly into Keynotewithout 

I now have Office on the iPad too, so it seems to be a cross-platform 

I have not ventured much into the world of Google, only if others have 
sent me links to Google files. I have this underlying fear that Google 
will conquer the world as they seem to be doing EVERYTHING and soon we 
won't have any more choices. I had the same fear of Microsoft, but 
happily Appleet al blossomed enough to at least slow Microsoft 
down.Maybe someone will rescue us from the domination of Google.


On 12/9/16 10:30 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> HI All:
> Tis the Season to ... Upgrade the computer....(grrr, argh)....
> I am considering purchasing a new computer, and wondered if you MAC 
> folks could tell me how you use Microsoft office products on the new 
> Mac OS systems.  My system is "vintage".
> The Adobe Creative Suite that I depend on, I understand it's now in 
> the cloud.  But what about Microsoft Excel, Word, & Powerpoint?
> I know there are alternatives, but I cannot change all my teaching 
> Powerpoint presentations to Keynote. And I really can't see changing 
> Word or Excel documents into anything else.
> I might start using new software, but I must open my archived files in 
> those programs.
> Perhaps now they can be EASILY imported, but I am not aware of this.
> Have any of you begun to use Google Docs and Sheets, and just maintain 
> your files in the Google cloud? I've used it a little bit, but not to 
> have my business depend on it.
> No, I really don't want to do this, but your opinion would be helpful 
> to narrow down my research.
> Best cheer of the Season!
> Linda
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