Hello Everyone,
Author Michael Chorost is looking for an illustrator for his new book. Please see his information below. If you are interested, pleasecontact him directly.
Best wishes, Vicky_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From Michael:
I'm looking for an illustrator for my book-in-progress HOW TO TALK TO ALIENS. The book is about how social insects, octopuses, and robots on other planets could evolve to have language and a technological civilization. This is my third book, my first two having been published by Houghton Mifflin and Free Press (Simon and Schuster.) 

I need drawings that are inspired by insects, etc., but go beyond them to depict alien sapient races. I need drawings of the interiors of the insect colonies and of their cities; of octopuses that have evolved to become land-dwelling creatures; and "robot bushes" that are based on Hans Moravec's ideas. 

I'm having a tough time finding someone who has both the chops to draw real forms and the imagination to draw ones that don't exist. I'm envisioning pen and ink drawings of the kind that you do. 

Payment would be from me, not the publisher, and my time horizon is about 4 months for 10 or 12 drawings of various levels of complexity.

You can contact me at [log in to unmask] You can see my work at my website, 

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