Hi All:
I was hoping that the computer would hold out until I did a wipe and
restore, even bought an external cd drive. But.... I returned from
teaching an utterly fantastic 3-day workshop to find my computer would not
open a single piece of software, and will not be recognized as a target
drive from my laptop.

I was waiting until I got back to purchase software to analyze the health
of the drive, but apparently it had other ideas.

I think if I try to restore it now I will spend more time bringing it up
to an older operating system, only to find that the multitude of software
and apps that have been added over the years will no longer be provided by
their makers. I've already been laughed at by some makers.

I'm hesitant to pull out emails and address books from my Time Machine
backups for fear of messing the whole system up! So if you need me, write
me again, I'm typing on webmail and don't have my address book.

So, Happy Solstice to All!!

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