Linda, I'm so sorry to hear the outcome! I'm now in the midst of dealing with my computer issues. I was running 10.4.something on an old G4. Thanks to your comments and input from others on the list, I was able to make folders in that version's equivalent of "On My Mac": "Sent" and "Inbox" folders for each e-mail address. I selected all messages in Mail, then use the "Message" and "Move To" commands to get them into the correct place. I discovered the folders I had made on the hard drive were located in the Library folder which, in turn, was located in the little house icon under "Places" when I open up my hard drive and look at that. I copied those folders onto an external hard drive. So I should be able to pull those up again, if necessary. What a process!

At any rate, all files on that G4 are now on the external/extra hard drive, the G4 has been wiped, and it can go to e-cycling. Whew!

That's just the start, though. I'm keeping my Pro, which is running 10.6.8 (still haven't backed up THOSE e-mails), and I just bought a 27" iMac as my new machine. 

And (okay, everyone, laugh at me) I STILL have my 9600 sitting behind me collecting dust. I've meant to wipe that drive and get it out of here for what, a dozen years?!!! Don't know if it will even boot up at this point. . . 


On Dec 19, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:

> Hi All:
> I was hoping that the computer would hold out until I did a wipe and
> restore, even bought an external cd drive. But.... I returned from
> teaching an utterly fantastic 3-day workshop to find my computer would not
> open a single piece of software, and will not be recognized as a target
> drive from my laptop.
> I was waiting until I got back to purchase software to analyze the health
> of the drive, but apparently it had other ideas.
> I think if I try to restore it now I will spend more time bringing it up
> to an older operating system, only to find that the multitude of software
> and apps that have been added over the years will no longer be provided by
> their makers. I've already been laughed at by some makers.
> I'm hesitant to pull out emails and address books from my Time Machine
> backups for fear of messing the whole system up! So if you need me, write
> me again, I'm typing on webmail and don't have my address book.
> So, Happy Solstice to All!!
> Linda
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