I'm SAVED!!! I'm dancing around the office! An illustrator friend just suggested checking again on Adobe's drop-down menu to make sure I found all the options for previous versions. Lo and behold, there WERE more options that I hadn't seen, out of sight and below the CS2 listing, there was CS3 (regular) in the list of choices. I selected it, typed in the serial # on the box (which Adobe earlier tried to tell me wasn't valid), and it looks like all is well and I now can use the software unrestricted. A big "WHEW!!!"

Thank you, all, for your input.


On Dec 22, 2016, at 10:13 AM, Karen Ackoff wrote:

> For a registered copy of Photoshop, you likely need to deauthorize your old computer and authorize your new computer. You are allowed to install on 2 computers at a time (they assume desktop and laptop). I am away from my computer today. But hopefully you can unearth something. If not, let me know and I'll approach my user group with this query this evening. 
> K
> From my iPhone. 
>> On Dec 22, 2016, at 12:04 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> hi Lynette: i'm on hold with apple support......
>> sometimes I can narrow down a search by googling the issue, but precede
>> the text with "Adobe CS5: then type your search"  a tech told me that one
>> time. you might try "Adobe CS5: install on El Capitan"..
>> I think Gail Guth said she was running CS6 on something more modern than
>> what I had. And it works fine.
>> I'm not much help on Adobe's number.. If you find it, please let me know I
>> have a feeling I'll be needing it too!
>> Happy happy!
>> Linda
>>> I want to install CS5 on my new iMac, which is running El Capitan. What I
>>> have is the upgrade version. Of course it won't see CS3 on there, as CS3
>>> is on my Mac Pro. I still have the CS3 disk, though it is an upgrade
>>> version also. Any idea how (if?) I can get CS5 to install on the iMac?
>>> FYI, I hunted around on Adobe's site, looking for a way to contact tech
>>> support for help with this issue, I came up empty. There are forums and
>>> such to go hunting for answers (not my favorite option). I don't see a
>>> chat line, either, which I used last time I needed input. Looks like other
>>> people have been frustrated about the lack of warm bodies too. Does anyone
>>> have a phone # for an Adobe tech?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Lynette
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