Thanks, Lynette! I am getting things sorted.
I did laugh at your 9600. I have a "blueberry" in a closet, and still have
a Titanium laptop, and an early small imac. I think when this new one
comes I will ship everything to recycle. Actually there is a small, local
computer repair shop in this tiny town that will recycle the bits of old
computers, I may just back the truck up and unload all old computers, dead
printers... ha. The schools around here don't want 'em. They have grants
for tablets and new technology.

Loads of people say they take a hammer to the hard drive when they remove
it prior to recycle. I don't know what kind of hammer they use, but mine
did not dent the outside cover!!! I still have several hard drives that I
cannot destroy. (Paper weights, door stops???) Maybe ACE hardware will
rent me a sledgehammer. ha. Next is online search for figuring out how to
open the thing, I can't see how it opens to get to the innards. Ah well,

Much cheer and joy, Happy Solstice the day after, the days getting longer,


> Linda, I'm so sorry to hear the outcome! I'm now in the midst of dealing
> with my computer issues. I was running 10.4.something on an old G4. Thanks
> to your comments and input from others on the list, I was able to make
> folders in that version's equivalent of "On My Mac": "Sent" and "Inbox"
> folders for each e-mail address. I selected all messages in Mail, then use
> the "Message" and "Move To" commands to get them into the correct place. I
> discovered the folders I had made on the hard drive were located in the
> Library folder which, in turn, was located in the little house icon under
> "Places" when I open up my hard drive and look at that. I copied those
> folders onto an external hard drive. So I should be able to pull those up
> again, if necessary. What a process!
> At any rate, all files on that G4 are now on the external/extra hard
> drive, the G4 has been wiped, and it can go to e-cycling. Whew!
> That's just the start, though. I'm keeping my Pro, which is running 10.6.8
> (still haven't backed up THOSE e-mails), and I just bought a 27" iMac as
> my new machine.
> And (okay, everyone, laugh at me) I STILL have my 9600 sitting behind me
> collecting dust. I've meant to wipe that drive and get it out of here for
> what, a dozen years?!!! Don't know if it will even boot up at this point.
> . .
> Lynette
> On Dec 19, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:

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