I'm in the same boat, as my "newest" computer is 8 years old. . . though already purchased my 27" iMac (still in a box) and some software. I DID get the latest Office to install (have been using it for years on my Macs) - but PAY ATTENTION when you buy it. There are multiple versions out there. One is a year-long subscription and seemed to be the lowest price. I don't want an annual fee. There's also the "key" version that you download and install; this is the one I have. Sometime between now and the end of the year I'll get the system up and running, deadlines permitting.

The part I'm not so sure about is whether I can use my Photoshop CS3 on the new iMac. A friend told me that older versions of PS work on newer Macs if you upgrade something. . . Flash, maybe? I'll check. I do have Photoshop CS5 in a box that I never opened. Might be time to try that one.

As for storage, I understand you get some free cloud storage with Apple when you buy a new computer - and the prices for adding more storage didn't seem that bad. Thought I might put copies of image files there are extra safekeeping. Anybody doing that?

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On Dec 9, 2016, at 8:19 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:

> Hi Gail:
> I may have permissions to use Office 2010 on my second computer, but just haven't upgraded it on this computer. 
> I've heard Keynote is great, I'm just used to PPT, like you said, it's what's familiar. 
> If Office can be purchased to be used on the computer, and not the cloud that is ok, too. 
> Thank you so much, this is good information for my further research. 
> Golly, I hate spending time doing this...
> Thank you ALL, 
> Very best wishes,
> Linda
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