I'm in the same boat, as my "newest" computer is 8 years old. . . though already purchased my 27" iMac (still in a box) and some software. I DID get the latest Office to install (have been using it for years on my Macs) - but PAY ATTENTION when you buy it. There are multiple versions out there. One is a year-long subscription and seemed to be the lowest price. I don't want an annual fee. There's also the "key" version that you download and install; this is the one I have. Sometime between now and the end of the year I'll get the system up and running, deadlines permitting.

The part I'm not so sure about is whether I can use my Photoshop CS3 on the new iMac. A friend told me that older versions of PS work on newer Macs if you upgrade something. . . Flash, maybe? I'll check. I do have Photoshop CS5 in a box that I never opened. Might be time to try that one.

As for storage, I understand you get some free cloud storage with Apple when you buy a new computer - and the prices for adding more storage didn't seem that bad. Thought I might put copies of image files there are extra safekeeping. Anybody doing that?

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On Dec 9, 2016, at 8:19 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:

Hi Gail:
I may have permissions to use Office 2010 on my second computer, but just haven't upgraded it on this computer. 
I've heard Keynote is great, I'm just used to PPT, like you said, it's what's familiar. 

If Office can be purchased to be used on the computer, and not the cloud that is ok, too. 

Thank you so much, this is good information for my further research. 
Golly, I hate spending time doing this...

Thank you ALL, 
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