OMG!!! I cringe at the thought of dealing with 36K e-mails! I have plenty, but not THAT many. It helps that I lost a hard drive a few years ago.  . . a few thousands crashed and burned then. If I learn anything about moving messages as I attempt to deal with mine, I'll let you know as well.


On Dec 9, 2016, at 10:20 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:


I knew I had 36K emails in the Inbox. It didn't give me the count on the Sent or Trash. But after the last Disk Utility (which RE-named about 30 job folders, and gave them names with about 13 numbers-which I restored manually), my Mail wouldn't open at all, it said "Let's set up Apple Mail!" (gasp). 
The tech walked me through the import, and it showed it was trying to upload over 200K emails. I never knew how many were hiding in Trash and Sent. 
Once they all re-loaded (with some weirdness), after 3.5 hours, I group-selected email by years, starting with the oldest, and then hit Delete. The tech told me how to do that, I didn't read that in the knowledgebase (it only discusses how to totally erase the entire Trash folder, without selecting specific emails).
So now I'm down to (only) 20K in the trash, and I do need to review last year. It's easy to select by name and get rid of the ads in bulk. 

I'm going to TRY to find a way to move emails in bulk to the On My Mac feature. If I find a method, I'll sure share it!

Need more chocolate! 
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On Dec 9, 2016, at 11:06 AM, Lynette Cook wrote:

I too have thousands of e-mails and never knew what to do with them to save them. Yikes! I do empty my trash regularly, but have the messages in assorted in-boxes and "Sent" boxes. So I should be saving them (errrrr. . . moving them) in the "On My Mac" area - one at a time? Sheesh! Time for a drink.



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