My son installed LibreOffice on my new mac and, while it’s different from the MS suite by quite a bit, for my limited purposes, it’s just fine. And free.

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Hi, Linda,

I am still using Microsoft Office 2008 on my relatively new-ish iMac, with no issues (one of these days I might upgrade to the latest Office programs but, if it ain't broke...).I also use Pages, Numbers and Keynote; I have found that the transition from the Microsoft programs to the Apple ones is fairly seamless, although I am still not totally used to using Pages or Numbers. They work well, just somewhat differently, and I haven't yet done enough on either of these Apple suite programs to get all the nuances. I absolutely love Keynote, probably because I almost never used PowerPoint and basically started with Keynote. But any PPT files I've come across have translated directly into Keynote without issue.

I now have Office on the iPad too, so it seems to be a cross-platform world.

I have not ventured much into the world of Google, only if others have sent me links to Google files. I have this underlying fear that Google will conquer the world as they seem to be doing EVERYTHING and soon we won't have any more choices. I had the same fear of Microsoft, but happily Apple et al blossomed enough to at least slow Microsoft down. Maybe someone will rescue us from the domination of Google.


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Tis the Season to ... Upgrade the computer....(grrr, argh)....

I am considering purchasing a new computer, and wondered if you MAC folks could tell me how you use Microsoft office products on the new Mac OS systems.  My system is "vintage". 

The Adobe Creative Suite that I depend on, I understand it's now in the cloud.  But what about Microsoft Excel, Word, & Powerpoint? 

I know there are alternatives, but I cannot change all my teaching Powerpoint presentations to Keynote. And I really can't see changing Word or Excel documents into anything else. 
I might start using new software, but I must open my archived files in those programs. 
Perhaps now they can be EASILY imported, but I am not aware of this. 

Have any of you begun to use Google Docs and Sheets, and just maintain your files in the Google cloud? I've used it a little bit, but not to have my business depend on it. 

No, I really don't want to do this, but your opinion would be helpful to narrow down my research. 
Best cheer of the Season!
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