There have been a number of reports of scam and PHISH email that are not necessarily tied to a University service, but none the less, could be hazardous to the UNL community.  Be careful clicking on links in emails, or opening attachments.  One such example of a scam is below.  Another example is an email with the subject line PAYMENT MADE, and nothing else except a PDF attachment.  When you open the PDF file, it appears you have to click on another PDF, which then takes you to a known phishing site.


Be especially careful for emails declaring you have a package to claim so it can be delivered, or other emails with package tracking details.  If you were not expecting a package, you should immediately be cautious.  If you are expecting a package, don’t click on the link in the email without hovering over the link to verify it is going to the right website.  If it’s feasible, don’t click on the link in the email – and instead, go directly to the website to check on the tracking of your package.


Here is an example of a scam email:

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Cheryl O’Dell, CISSP, GCFE

Sr. Information Security Analyst

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

126 501 Building, 68588-0203

(402) 472-7851 

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