Hi Stacey,


Given that our collection is continually growing which means unit trays of specimens are often moved between drawers and drawers between cabinets, we are not concerned with noting which drawers contain specimens that have had their information digitized.  After all, that information now resides in our database.  Furthermore, not every specimen in a drawer has been databased since we usually target specimens from certain geographic regions, e.g. all of our Yukon and Alaskan Trichoptera specimens have been databased and each specimen receives a label with a unique number on it that corresponds to its database record.





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Hello all,


To all those that are digitizing their collections, I was wondering how you keep track, visually, of what has been digitized. For instance, is there a labeling system that you place on the drawer to visually show that the drawer has been digitized; e.g. a quilting pin placed inside the drawer, a sticker color-coding system, a checklist sticker, etc? Or do you not visually keep track of which drawers have been digitized?


If you are willing to share your method and the pros and cons of your method, that would be wonderful! Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!



Stacey Huber



Stacey L. Huber

Digitization Coordinator, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera & Biodiversity

Florida Museum of Natural History



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