Greetings Family & Friends!

Thank you all for the kind words and congratulations that you have all
shared the past few days. It is heartwarming the outpouring of love that
I've received from you all. Understanding that many of you have expressed
interest in traveling to the Outlands for my impending elevation to the
Order of the Laurel, I wanted to let you know of the timeline so you may
make travel arrangements accordingly.

My vigil will be held on Saturday, April 29th here in Denver, CO. My
elevation will be the following weekend (Saturday, May 6th) in the final
Court of TRM's Robert & Magge. That Coronation event will be in Colorado
Springs, CO.

With that in mind, I am aware that many of you will not be able to attend
the vigil, nor have time before the ceremony. If you have words or gifts to
pass on, please send them along with either Master Mellitus, Master
Shandrake, or Mistress Thora. Alternatively, you can send things directly
to Mistress Signy von Velden via email at [log in to unmask] or by mail at
Jocelyn Parker, 13532 Bellaire St, Thornton, CO 80241.

Until the next time,

THL Jibra'il `Attar

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