For games this year at Lilies War, I'd like to try something a little
different instead of just open play time. I'm looking for anyone who might
be willing to teach a game to interested students, followed by supervising
play to help the participants apply what they learned. Sometimes its hard
to find people arriving for open play that want to play the same
I thought let's have different games on different days and all play! I hope
you will consider taking some time to gain opponents for your favorite game
by teaching them how to play, or to come and learn from those people and
spread the fun. We will be set up in a tent near A and S, where there is
often a breeze, from 11-1. I'm also entertaining feeding the
teachers...more to come on that...

So, if you are available even 1 day, and willing to share what you know
about your favorite game, please contact me privately so we can chat!

I'm also looking for interested individuals who might like to sponsor any
games tournaments--times and places to be dictated by the sponsor's choice
and availability in the schedule.

Aislinn (Kim Karr on facebook)

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