I was unable to figure out how to send this to the whole lilies comity so here it is to you, please pass along.

Ideas for Lilies comity

#1 The suggestion was save a date cards, or fliers, to hand out at events especially foreign wars such as Gulf. I would like to be even more specific:

I would like a couple of big laminated posters (the size like Magda is selling with the royal linage on)

to put on the machine at Gulf War to help me promote Lilies. I think the poster should be mostly the things that are unique to lilies. Things like the following:

The fireworks

The Fyrdraca

Master Fredricks Falcons

The Great Machine

Master Guillumes Casting and woodworking shop

The huge tent of bead making stuff

Shorshas Dragon kiln

Cracks and corners can be filled in with fighting archery and the things that you can find at any war but it should be predominantly of the things you see only at lilies.

They might be sellable for a profit but I just don't know about that. They would be a fantastic as a promotion aid foe me at Gulf.

#2 Invite groups like Ampgard and give them an area to camp and play in. Maybe make a special practice field and treat that area just like a common practice where fighters don't have to be qualified, maybe work out loner armor and marshals to help them learn about us. This has 2 real values. The first is cross-over and they are generally younger. Second is they are going across our gate and paying site fees. It's dollars in.

#3 Open up the early on possibilities and charge for them, or make a fee for reserved camping space. We say we don't have reserved space but we really do by tradition. Why not charge a little for it and make it “official”There are all sorts of ways this could be worked including having groups like baronies pay for a tent to get there reserved space. Perhaps a gang to set up tents for the older, lighter of heart-but then there are transport, responsibility, and return issues along with getting a crew to do it for the wars benefit.

#4 I remember a bbq pig one year. Could something like this be a fund raiser? (might interfear with food court peoples profit)

#5 Some sort of Icecream social fund raiser- Lilies is hot!

#6 I wander is people would buy some sort of post war booklet?--I hardly ever have time to read anything but class schedules till after the war.


On 1/6/2017 12:31 PM, Rebecca Beaumont wrote:
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Good Afternoon Calontir!

Here's some additional information about Saturday's Lilies Committee Meeting.  

We are starting at 2:00 pm.  The exact location will is TBD, please keep a listen out for an announcement tomorrow.  

We have a limited amount of time and many important things to discuss.

I'd like to start the meeting out with a review of the financials.  Our current balance, a summary of the expenditures for Lilies 30, etc.

Then I'd like to move on to ideas, questions, and comments on how to reduce the War's expenses. 

If there is time we can move on to suggestions for improvements.

Please remember if we don't get the opportunity to hear your ideas, suggestions, or comments at this meeting we will be having an another one at Clothiers' Seminar in a few weeks. 

And you can always send me an email at [log in to unmask] or reach out to any of the committee members.  A list of members can be found at: http://www.calontir.org/lilieswar/

Please share this information with any appropriate group or list.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
Lilies Committee Chair
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Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, O.P.
Shire of Oakheart
Kingdom of Calontir
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