What I saw was archive ones from 2009 to 2013 but couldn't find any recent ones.

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While that is a legally accepted report, it is extremely low on details.

It does not provide any kind of breakdown on item costs.  Nothing on per porta john cost per day, nothing on tent cost per tent size, nothing on number of war programs printed vs sign in forms.

Nothing on dispersal of rented assets, such as how many class tents vs activity tents vs admin tents vs other use....

I don't see studies on where people camp vs where the activities are vs where the portajohns are located. Are  we renting too many by not controlling the camping locations? Or do we have the correct number, just not located correctly? 

This is bare bones financial statement. What we need is a time utility money breakdown showing what is used at what time at what cost. If we are able to cut cost by extending utility, we can lose redundancy. But we can't do that if we don't have access to historical use data.

Which doomsdays don't provide.

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I Googled "Calontir Lilies Domesday Reports" and one of the top results led me here: http://www.calontir.org/site-map.php#exch-domesday

Click through to "Domesday Reports" and it shows by year. 

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>Also, be aware that this data is reported published yearly, on the kingdom website, as required.

Ooh!  Where do I find such things?

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