War is coming, and Calontir is known at foreign wars as "that kingdom where everybody sings together."  
Are you prepared to join your kingdom?

When the Falcon Army is singing, do you know when to yell "fyrdmen?"
When the Falcon Host is marching, can you belt a chorus or two?
When Calontir processes, can you "Non Nobis" along with the rest of the tribe?

To help you participate in this part of the camaraderie that is Calontir at a foreign war, Winter War Maneuvers (Feb. 18th in Mag Mor) will have folks off to the side somewhere to help with learning/practicing the group-songs.  Sessions will happen during some of the times fighting isn't officially going on (such as before things get moving, during lunch if there is one, before court) and we'll have lyrics printed for those who want them.

Oh, and don't worry if you can't carry a tune; our kingdom sings together "in the key of army," which means "if you can't sing good, sing loud."

Hope to see you many of you there!

This site has turf for the fighting field.

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