Wanted to share a little crossover story. I build very early period instruments, and the audience for these products is disturbingly small. It is my hope to be a major player in a movement that is trying to re-introduce the sounds these instruments produce into the modern, living musical tradition. So I tend to go where there are experimental musicians and show them instruments in the hope they might have come inspiration for their use.
Such an opportunity popped up a couple of weeks ago. Here in Grimfells there is a recording studio called East Hall. The owner has been developing a project now for a couple of years, and 2017 is the newest chapter in the project. Known as Full Moon Sessions, this experimental program is focused on producing an original song every month in a 5 hour time frame recorded analog real-time (with overdubs where necessary).
Each month, on the first day of the full moon, the studio opens it's doors at 7pm to any musicians in the area who want to participate. Starting at 7, the gathering writes, arranges, writes lyrics for, practices, and records the majority of tracks for the song. At 11:59 pm. the studio work stops and the preliminary mix is created and distributed to the musicians for their input into the final project. The next night additional fill tracks and isolated vocals are recorded. Then the recording is over and the final mix with just that information is begun. The plan is to have the final mix completed and published by the new moon of that month. Kind of a neat process.
I showed up at 6:30, wanting to show some instruments and leave before I interrupted the actual work being done. To make a long story short (yeah I know, who are you and what have you done with Kaz), next thing I knew I was sitting on a bench with my rose lyre (see picture) with a surface mount pickup and a little Supro amp and mic, and we were working.
I can't say the genre is my favorite, jazz-pop fusion with beat poetry rappish vocals, but for a cooperative effort between all the musicians (who were all much more experienced and professional than me, I was the weakest link and knew it) this came out well, quite possibly a first in musical history (white boy poet rap jazz with Anglo-Saxon lyre). I plan on showing up again to see what happens. (I really like the intro - piano and lyre with just a seasoning of percussion)
Hope you like - it's free. And if you would please share, these folks did this for free and I would like to at least try to tip the hosts with some exposure.

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